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Microsoft AI Xiaoice show her artistic bent

Zhu Shenshen Tang Dafei
Microsoft's virtual AI system Xiaoice showed her creative talent in the company's booth at the CIIE.
Zhu Shenshen Tang Dafei

Microsoft’s virtual AI system Xiaoice  showed her creative talent in the company’s booth at the CIIE, showing how AI can improve in our daily life.

Xiaoice became a fashion designer, book designer, painter and poet with her artworks on show in the expo.

Shot and edited by Tang Dafei. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.

In a painting of a deer and mysterious lights, is regarded as in “Rembrandt style”, according to a Microsoft staff at the booth.

Xiaoice also “sings” a Chinese song "Wide Wolf Disco," which has been widely spread online. Xiaoice also produces Cantonese and rap versions of the song.

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