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Study explores how online content influences shoppers

Ding Yining
Chinese consumers are easily attracted by quirky content from brands, although few have loyalty, according to a recent white paper.
Ding Yining
Study explores how online content influences shoppers

Only 19 percent of Chinese shoppers say they're loyal to consumer brands and as many as 61 percent say they're attracted by gimmicks or quirky content on social platforms, according to a recent white paper.

Nearly one-third of consumers are easily attracted by content on brands' official WeChat accounts and Mini Programs, according to a joint study by Boston Consulting Group and Tencent among more than 6,300 consumers on Tencent's social platform.

More than 750 million users read social media posts on Tencent on a daily basis, and many are also keen to discuss their online spending and recommend worthwhile products to friends.

Consumers tend to trust key opinion leaders or online influencers in the fashion sector and to see the most sought-after trend or products. Luxury, beauty and apparel buyers are also easily swayed by influencer recommendations.

Crystal Hao, a partner at Boston Consulting Group, said social commerce poses new challenges for brands to grab consumers' fleeting attention with novelty content and at the same time build long-term trust with loyal shoppers. 

As many as three quarters of consumers are actively sharing their shopping experience or intentions within three months of their purchases. Eighty-five percent of companies also regard social media as the biggest factor influencing consumers' purchasing decisions.

BCG Managing Director Roger Hu noted that companies should build up internal mechanisms to offer novelty products and combine local specialties to win consumers in the highly competitive landscape.

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