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Huawei to invest US$200 million in developer community

Zhu Shenshen
The tech giant is investing heavily to bring talent to its Kunpeng processor system. It's also teaming up with Tencent on a joint gaming lab.
Zhu Shenshen

Huawei plans to invest US$200 million into the developer community in 2020, and hopes to make 90 percent of all applications compatible with Huawei's systems within three years, company executives announced on Friday.

Huawei also unveiled programs for universities, startups, individual developers and partners, including a joint game lab with Tencent.

The US$200 million is a part of the company’s US$1.5 billion investment plan announced last year, which aims to attract 5 million developers to its Kunpeng processor system within five years. The program has attracted 1.6 million Huawei cloud developers to date, Hou Jinlong, Huawei’s Cloud & AI business group president, said during an online conference. 

“Developers are the key to changing the computing world...Huawei will unlock the trillion-dollar blue ocean market of the computing industry and share the success of the digital economy,” said Hou, who also revealed the company's goal of making the majority of all computer and IoT device applications work on Huawei's ecosystem.

As for Huawei's joint gaming lab with Tencent, Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent, told the conference: “We  will combine our strengths in mobile cloud gaming and game engines. In the future we will leverage Huawei Kunpeng processors to build quality, cost-effective mobile cloud gaming solutions.”

Currently, 11 server vendors worldwide have launched servers and personal computer products based on Kunpeng processors. Huawei has established 15 Kunpeng ecosystem innovation centers in cities including Shanghai. The centers offer various kinds of on-site support for developers.

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