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YRD partnership aims to boost online hairy crab sales

Ding Yining
Pinduoduo has joined provincial agricultural and rural management authorities in a new collaboration to promote and standardize hairy crab sales.
Ding Yining
YRD partnership aims to boost online hairy crab sales

The Yangtze River Delta region has seen closer ties in almost every front, and this time, it is for the sales of hairy crabs.

Shanghai-headquartered e-commerce site Pinduoduo said it has joined hands with provincial-level agricultural and rural management authorities to help boost online sales of hairy crabs.

The Yangtze River Delta region is a major production hub for hairy crab, an autumn delicacy in eastern China.

Shanghai Agricultural and Rural Affairs Commission Deputy Director Ye Junping called for the collaboration between regional market watchdogs and industry associations to better connect crab growers, vendors and online shoppers with e-commerce training and digital infrastructure collaboration.

"Most fishery products have been lacking unified product standards and there's also a shortage of sourcing and sales platforms in the region," he added.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces will provide training and product standardization guidance to local hairy crab growers and regulate those who sell inferior quality crabs.

Major harvesting regions like Taihu Lake, Hongze Lake and Gucheng Lake have pledged to bring top-quality hairy crabs to online shoppers. 

Principal researcher Ge Jiachun at the Jiangsu Province Freshwater Fishery Research Institute pointed out that the various sizes and grades of hairy crabs make it difficult for consumers to compare prices and quality.

Online sales volume is expected to reach 20 billion yuan (US$2.86 billion) in five years, compared with around 4 billion yuan in sales last year, according to Ge.

Pinduoduo Vice President Chen Qiu expects to foster 100 e-commerce vendors in the Yangtze River Delta region and create synergies between hairy crab growers and online businesses by drawing up industry standards to benefit sellers and shoppers. 

The Yangtze River Delta region represents about 55 percent of China's hairy crab growing region and 62 percent of total output.

Pinduduo expects sales of fresh fruit and agricultural products on the site to nearly double to 250 billion yuan this year.

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