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Tech giants show off latest advances in 5G

Zhu Shenshen
The world's top network equipment makers and device brands are displaying their achievements in next-generation connectivity at the CIIE.
Zhu Shenshen
Tech giants show off latest advances in 5G
Zhou Shengjie / SHINE

Shanghai Daily tests 5G and 4G download speeds at the media center of the third CIIE.

Tech giants including Qualcomm, Ericsson and Nokia are showcasing their latest 5G technologies and applications, covering smartphones, consumer electronics and cars during the third China International Import Expo. 

Various 5G smartphones and electronic devices, from Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, 360 and other brands, are showcased at the booth of Qualcomm, the world’s biggest mobile chip designer. 

5G features, once only available in flagship models, have become available in all price ranges, which can be enjoyed by most consumer users, said the US-based Qualcomm.

According to Shanghai Daily’s on-site tests, the speed in the indoor spaces like the media center is about 700 Mbps based on 5G networks (with a Huawei P40 Pro), triple the last year’s level. The 4G mobile Internet access speed also hit over 100 Mbps (with an iPhone 8 Plus), in line with family broadband speed,

The 5G Plus services, offering higher download speed and wider coverage, are available in the CIIE halls and neighboring sites like Metro stations and airports. The peak download speed hit 2.3 Gbps, said mobile carriers like China Mobile and China Telecom.

Ericsson and Nokia, two of the world’s top telecommunications equipment makers, are showcasing their latest 5G applications for industrial, entertainment and educational use.

Sweden-based Ericsson, whose equipment is used in 65 commercial 5G networks globally, is displaying new 5G applications for e-Sports and augmented-reality learning.

Japan-based AGC displays a car with a roof and windows integrating glass and 5G antennae. AGC, which is attending the CIIE for the third time, has upgraded the technology with more transparent and flexible glass.

China Telecom and China Unicom have installed 400 5G base stations outdoors and indoors supporting 100,000 people using 5G services in the CIIE halls.

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