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Google's new support for Chinese developers

Zhu Shenshen
Tech giant says developers can "develop, grow and earn" with Google to boost innovation and win success in global markets as its Google Developer Summit China 2020 opens online.
Zhu Shenshen

Google Inc is offering new support and updates to Chinese developers as part of its “Growth with Google” strategy, the tech giant said during an online conference on Monday.

Chinese developers can “develop, grow and earn” with Google to boost innovation and win success in global markets, Stanley Chen, Google China’s president, said at the opening of the Google Developer Summit China 2020. 

The summit, from Monday to Saturday, is being held online this year because of the pandemic. 

Though Google’s website is not accessible on the Chinese mainland, its Android, Google Play, TensorFlow and Kotlin tools are used by many Chinese developers. 

Google has cooperated with over 1,000 education organizations to offer online courses and projects to attract 70,000 teachers and students of programming. This year, it cooperated with NetEase’s Youdao to offer new free online courses in China, Chen said. 

It has also introduced the latest updates for TensorFlow, Android, WearOS, Web, Firebase, Flutter, ARCore and Google Assistant.

On WearOS, Google has cooperated with Tencent to offer consumers new chatting and music services applications. 

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