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Shanghai IT firms bring opportunities for women

Zhu Shenshen
Gender equality is still lacking. But some companies in Shanghai are doing something to change that.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai information technology firms, including the Idol Group and Huifu, are kicking off platforms and policies to support gender equality. 

Idol, which helps users open online stores, has been chosen as an example of United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 project.

It offers income and opportunities to housewives and women losing jobs in the epidemic. 

Idol, formerly known as Aikucun, helps individuals start their own online business by connecting them with brand owners.

It provides services to 2 million people and brings them income of more than 3 billion yuan (US$469 million), Leng Jing, Idol's CEO, said on Tuesday in Shanghai. Most of these people are women, who use the platform to sell clothes, cosmetics and baby products.

The flexible working hours and booming digital economy bring women new ways to improve living conditions and create gender equity in China, said Weng Wenlei, vice chairman of the Shanghai Women's Federation. 

Shanghai-based technology firm Huifu now has about 38 percent of employees are female, a relatively high portion among tech industries.

The company plans to hire more female scientists and programmers as they often bring important skills to help team improve cohesion and activate the team atmosphere, said Mu Haijie, president of Huifu. 

Huifu, a fintech company, is offering payment services for 10 million enterprises nationwide. It's annual turnover is 3 trillion yuan 

In 2020, Idol's revenue hit over 10 billion yuan. It's now targeting to expand business in more regions like Yunnan Province to boost digital economy locally. 

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