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LinkedIn to spin off new jobs site in China to replace current platform

Zhu Shenshen
New version called Injobs won't include social feeds or post sharing features, company says.
Zhu Shenshen

LinkedIn will launch a new and standalone jobs application site for China later this year to replace its current platform in the region, the world's biggest workforce network site said on Thursday night.

The new tool will be called Injobs and focus on helping professionals to find jobs and companies to identify quality candidates. The new tool won't include social feeds or the ability to share posts.

"We've found that job seeking is a primary reason our members in China use our localized version," Lu Jian, LinkedIn China president, said in an official blog on Thursday night.

LinkedIn, now a subsidiary of Microsoft, launched a localized version in China in February 2014. It had about 50 million users in China until recently.

The closure of the current LinkedIn China service is probably related to stricter industry regulation, according to media reports.

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