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Chinese firms speed up tech upgrades enhancing cross-compatibility and functionality

Zhu Shenshen
Top global media chip designer MediaTek unveils its new processor Dimensity 9200. The new tech comes with major upgrades, and increased functionality.
Zhu Shenshen
Chinese firms speed up tech upgrades  enhancing cross-compatibility and functionality
Ti Gong

MediaTek's new chip brings ray-tracing upgrades similar to PC gaming.

Chinese firms speed up smartphone tech upgrades on chip, image and operating systems, ready for the rebound of the sluggish market. Some companies have reached joint development agreements with exhibitors at the ongoing CIIE, to enhance research capabilities.

MediaTek, one of the top two global mobile chip designers, released their new processor Dimensity 9200 with major upgrades on image and display. It brings hardware ray tracing in mobile devices for the first time, which is currently used in high-end gaming computers.

In addition to mobile ray tracing, MediaTek and Tencent have co-developed an adaptive gaming technology, which will be used for the popular game "Honor of Kings."

The smartphones powered by the new MediaTek chip will debut in December. Firms like Vivo and OPPO have already announced the release of new models integrating the new chip.

MediaTek has began testing the water in the high-end market, with market competition between Qualcomm and MediaTek becoming heated, analysts said.

Vivo, the No. 1 vendor in the Chinese market in the third quarter, released their new operating system OriginOS 3, with optimization on system smoothness and cross-device connection.

Chinese firms speed up tech upgrades  enhancing cross-compatibility and functionality
Ti Gong

Vivo announces its new operating system and cooperation with ZEISS.

The new operating system, beginning beta tests since Wednesday, will bring better performance and a smoother experience to both current and previous models, said Zhou Wei, Vivo's vice president.

The OriginOS 3 also offers connections with smart home devices and intelligent cars, covering over 100 car brands.

In the third quarter, China's smartphone sales declined 12 percent year on year, because of the challenges including the pandemic. Vivo led the domestic market with about 20 percent market shares, followed by Honor, OPPO and Apple, according to researcher IDC.

During the ongoing 5th CIIE event, the top Chinese smartphone brands announced new moves on the screen, image and event metaverse expansion.

Vivo, which has 400 million users globally, will strengthen cooperation with ZEISS on mobile imaging research and innovation, the company said during the CIIE, at the ZEISS booth.

At the CIIE, OPPO also announced a strategic cooperation with 3D engine firm Unity on game graphics in a metaverse-themed forum held by Unity.

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