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Community in Shanghai's Pudong employs "AI worker"

Zhu Shenshen
The Tangqiao community in the Pudong New Area has brought on an "AI worker" to help with service related tasks like answering phones, redirecting to websites and policy reminders.
Zhu Shenshen

An AI community worker, featuring a China-developed artificial intelligence model, is working 24/7 in the Tangqiao community in the Pudong New Area, Shanghai Daily learned.

The AI worker, powered by iFlytek, can deal with phone calls and online inquiries intelligently. It shows how generative AI, fueled by ChatGPT, has been integrating into people's daily life in Shanghai.

Since August, the AI worker has been functioning in community operation and control centers, service centers, and neighborhood councils, which will adopt a wider range of services in the future, according to Zheng Yaofu, director of the Tangqiao Community.

The AI worker deals with tasks like automatically answering calls or leading residents to related websites, call reason summarization, generating scripts of the calls, and assisting human workers with policy and information reminder.

Community in Shanghai's Pudong employs "AI worker"
Ti Gong

A signing ceremony was held in Shanghai to adopt an "AI worker" into a community in the Pudong New Area.

"AI has showed its value in city operation at the community level, covering efficiency improvement, burden reduction and a digitalized and standard working process," Zheng said.

The AI worker fits well with Shanghai's strategy to develop the AI industry and boost AI applications city wide, also helping to build Shanghai into a Smart City.

It features the Xinghuo large language model developed by tech giant iFlytek, as a first batch industrial application of the new AI model.

iFlytek released the Xinghuo model last week, which was regarded as one of the "most clever" AI models in China, according to a Xinhua report.

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