Rumor about residents 'hiding' COVID 19-positive cases dismissed

Lu Feiran
A man misunderstood the latest central quarantine policy and "suggested" residents could possibly hide positive cases, but his words were distorted and were believed a true story.
Lu Feiran

A rumor about residents hiding a COVID 19-positive case and taking PCR tests for him has been dismissed.

A police investigation found the source of the rumors to be a man surnamed Lu who lives in Jiading District.

He said in his compound's WeChat group that if the building in which he resides had a positive case, residents could hide him, feed him for 14 days and take PCR tests in his name in order to prevent anyone from being transferred to a hospital. In fact, his compound hasn't had any positive cases.

Lu confessed that he heard rumors online that if there is a positive case in a residential building, all residents in the building would be transferred to central quarantine. He added that he just wanted to "make a suggestion" and didn't intend to spread false information.

The Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention clarified on Tuesday that only those in old residential compounds who live on the same floor as a positive COVID-19 case and share a kitchen or bathroom with that person will be considered close contacts and put under central quarantine.

Those living on the same floor or on the floors immediately above or below a positive case will be considered secondary contacts, who can quarantine in their homes if conditions allow.

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