Shanghai is well getting back on the road

Ding Yining
Shared bikes and hailed cars are now operating again. But under strict rules.
Ding Yining

Public rental bike usage has been on the rise in the past few weeks as pandemic restrictions ease, and car-hailing services will soon be back to normal.

In the first half of this month, the number of HelloBike users jumped 80 percent from a month earlier after certain communities and subdistricts loosened restrictions. More than 70 percent of its maintenance staff will be resuming work starting tomorrow and it will offer membership extension for those who purchase monthly or quarterly subscription services.

Outer districts such as Jiading and Baoshan have made extra rental bikes available at traffic hubs and shopping centers to cater to rising demand.

The average time for each ride has also picked up by 65 percent from last month with strong demand for long rides after metro lines and buses were suspended.

The city's two leading ride-hailing service providers Didi and Meituan are ensuring disinfection for drivers and each car's route is tracked.

Shanghai is well getting back on the road
Ti Gong

Car-hailing services are required to track drivers' and passengers' routes. Services resume from tomorrow.

Drivers are also required to submit their PCR test and antigen results before they could pick up online orders.

Didi said it also follows transportation authorities' requirements to ensure disinfection and health code checks and has required passengers and riders to wear personal protective masks.

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