Soy sauce maker tutors Shanghai University students in a rice making master class

Kikkoman, the famous Japanese manufacturer of soy sauce, recently organized a making and tasting rice event for 90 students at Shanghai University.
Ti Gong

A rice making and tasting event was held at Shanghai University recently.

Ninety students were asked to make a bowl of rice during the food-themed educational activity in three different colors.

Haruhiko Fukasawa, general manager of the foreign administration department of Kikkoman Corporation, the event organizer, said eating was not only a basic activity for survival, but also an important channel for interpersonal communication.

He told the students to treat the three meals every day seriously and promote mutual understanding when making food for each other.

The event has been organized annually for young students to experience Japanese culture since some Shanghai University students served in the Murasaki restaurant, at the Japan Corporation Pavilion, during World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

The company has also set up a scholarship for the university’s students.

Other activities organized, included lectures, social investigations and a writing contest in the theme of food, as well as visits to Japan.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong
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