YCIS Pudong startup builds bamboo bikes

YCIS Shanghai, Pudong IB students bring their bamboo bikes.

This month, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai), Pudong International Baccalaureate (IB) students of Design and Technology, Computer Science, Sports and Health Science, Environmental Systems and Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics were faced with a two-day practical challenge: to use their knowledge and skills from their respective areas of study to create a website for the “Make More Together Workshop,” a Shanghai-based bamboo bicycle business.

In order to achieve this, the design team worked against the clock to build two working bicycles of their own; the physics team tested the tensile strength of various materials; the sustainability team researched the environmental impacts of bamboo, as well as of the bicycle as a mode of transport; the sports team researched positive effects of cycling on the body; and the web team were responsible for bringing all of this content together to create a website rich in information, which will be used by the locally-based business to promote their product.

YCIS Pudong startup builds bamboo bikes
Ti Gong

YCIS Shanghai, Pudong IB students and their teachers proudly show their bamboo bikes.

According to the students, this experience not only put their skills and knowledge to the test, but it also illustrated the many benefits of a collaborative project:

“I loved every moment of this project! It was great experiential learning, and our skills and creativity were really put to good use. Collaborating with people from a range of disciplines showed me just how important teamwork is in achieving something amazing.” — Oi In, Year 13

“I liked this project because it was so much fun and because we were able to make so many independent decisions about the outcome of the final product. It was fantastic to blend my passion for IB Sports Science with my interests in cycling and design, and to work together as a team to make such an amazing bicycle.” — Nathan, Year 13

The benefits of this project will continue, as well, as the two bicycles that were built by the Design Team will be up for auction later this Semester to raise money to help the Renewal Center change the lives of homeless people in Shanghai.

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