Why families keep choosing YCIS Shanghai

YCIS Shanghai provides world-class educational experiences for children across the city.
Why families keep choosing YCIS Shanghai

The bilingual education system of YCIS Shanghai supports the development of students’ cross-cultural skills.

When Yew Chung International School of Shanghai opened its doors in 1993, it was the city’s first independent international school to be officially recognized by, and registered with, the local government. The first Yew Chung School was established in 1932 by Madam Tsang Chor-hang, with the mission of making China stronger through education. Over subsequent decades, the breadth of education grew steadily to provide an equally enlightened education model for students from infancy to Secondary graduation.

Why do families continue to choose YCIS Shanghai? Here are some of the main reasons:

A bicultural education experience

YCIS Shanghai believes in the benefits of a fully bilingual education and that the real essence of a culture must not just be understood, but truly valued. To cultivate this cultural experience for students, the school’s campuses are jointly led by two co-principals, one international and one Chinese. This system is mirrored in YCIS Shanghai’s Early Childhood and Primary classrooms with the unique co-teaching model, which supports the development of students’ bilingual and cross-cultural skills. This model is now recognized by educators worldwide and helps distinguish YCIS Shanghai students in a globally competitive environment.

The school’s vibrant Chinese Studies program is based upon decades of extensive research and is integrated throughout the school curricula. Enriched with field trips and annual excursions to locations across China, the program allows students to develop a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the cultural and historical significance of their host country. As a result, over 50 percent of YCIS Shanghai students achieve the bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma each year, which is more than twice the world average across all IB schools. A bilingual diploma means that students are completing both the English and Chinese courses as a first language, which is an extraordinary achievement.

Achieving academic excellence

YCIS Shanghai students are known for their excellence in academics, including examination results and overall scholastic achievement.

A rigorous academic international curriculum, drawing the best practices from around the world and not restricted to a single national curriculum, paired with a holistic approach to education, helps YCIS Shanghai graduates continue to be accepted at top-ranked universities around the world.

As a result of YCIS Shanghai students’ academic achievements year after year, it was the first school in China to receive the prestigious Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education. YCIS Shanghai students are consistently high achieving and have been recognized year upon year by Cambridge for earning “Top in World” and “Top in China” awards. The university offers YCIS Shanghai students receive exemplify the school’s commitment to global education.

Why families keep choosing YCIS Shanghai

YCIS Pudong's Regency Park Campus

Service Learning program

Another reason why families choose YCIS Shanghai for their children is the school’s commitment to positively guiding each student’s morals and values, which will help build their character and support them in making good choices both now and later in life. From Early Childhood to Upper Secondary, every YCIS Shanghai student realizes the importance of helping others to create a better world.

This positive guidance forms the basis of the “Wellbeing Program,” which is emphasized in all daily lessons, weekly assemblies and other activities beyond the classroom walls, and is essential to the YCIS education and the development of global citizens.

Furthermore, the YCIS Shanghai Service Learning program aims to nurture students as “servant leaders,” teaching them compassion and charitable service. Service Learning allows students to make a difference, become aware of global issues and actively participate in ideas that can create change within their classroom, school, community and beyond. Wherever possible, Service Learning is embedded in the curriculum, changing the mindset of the students through significant, authentic experiences from Early Childhood Education to Primary and, finally, to Secondary.

Prime locations and facilities

To provide a world-class education experience for children aged 2–18 all across the city, YCIS Shanghai has multiple centrally located campuses on both sides of the Huangpu River. On the Puxi side, the three campuses, including the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Award winner Ronghua Campus, are minutes away from each other, near Metro stations and close to countless amenities. On the Pudong side, the school’s two modern campuses are a short drive away from the peaceful, green Century Park and the lively and vibrant commercial areas surrounding it.

YCIS Shanghai campuses are more than just places of education. They provide the best possible environment for students to exercise their minds and bodies, engage in artistic pursuits, build social skills and enhance their sense of belonging. All of the school’s campuses embody the unique spirit and philosophy of YCIS and are at the forefront of the ground-breaking “Learning Communities” education model.

YCIS Shanghai has remained a constant in international education and continues to be greatly sought after today. No matter where students decide to go after YCIS Shanghai, there is no doubt that the school’s global educational environment enables them to pursue what they are passionate about and continue their studies in a world without borders, wherever that may be.

Why families keep choosing YCIS Shanghai

YCIS Puxi's Ronghua Campus

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