Huju Opera classic to be adapted to the silver screen

Realistic Huju Opera performance "Tiaoshan Woman"  has been popular over the past five years. The film version of the play started shooting today.
Huju Opera classic to be adapted to the silver screen
Xu Wei / SHINE

The acclaimed Huju Opera play "Tiaoshan Woman" will be adapted into a film, officials said today.

The play is a classic of Shanghai Baoshan Huju Opera Art Center, and focuses on the lives and virtues of ordinary people.

Based on a true story, the heart-warming play centers around a courageous single mother, Wang Meiying, who brings up her children through much adversity. Wang works as a mountain porter for 17 years to support the family.

Ever since its debut in 2012, the realistic show has enjoyed several hundred performances nationwide, winning 18 major Chinese theater awards.

Hua Wen, who portrays the single mother in both versions, said that they have been waiting for decades to produce a Huju Opera movie. In her eyes, the film is a tribute to the sacred mother's love. Hua received the Plum Performance Award and the Splendor Award for her role.

According to Wang Hao, director of the film, the adaptation to the silver screen will maintain the singing aspects of the original play.

"It is a story about responsibilities and love," Wang added.

The film is slated for release on October 26. It is also part of the city's cultural initiative to digitally preserve intangible cultural heritage.

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