A feast of marvelous stage works

The Splendid Spring and Fruitful Autumn event will feature 17 show, 10 of which have never been seen in Shanghai.
Ti Gong

"Special Homework"

Theater lovers in Shanghai will be treated to a visual feast from September 1 to November 2 with an art event named Splendid Spring and Fruitful Autumn.

The Chinese National Art Fund has selected 17 shows for Shanghai, 10 of which are making their first appearance in the city.

The theater event, which will be presented at a variety of venues including Majestic Theater, Yifu Theater, Shanghai Art Theater and Shanghai International Dance Center, covers a wide spectrum ─ from traditional opera to modern drama, ballet and musicals. Each will be performed for two days. All tickets will be priced at less than 200 yuan (US$30).

“Some of the tickets can even be purchased under 100 yuan in an aim to bring more people to watch truly good performances,” said Cao Jianshen, manager of Shanghai Cultural Exchange Co.

The comedy “Protecting the Baby” is a traditional play of Xiangju Opera. The cast has spent 10 years polishing this classic work.

Though popular in Fujian and Taiwan, Xiangju Opera has never been presented in Shanghai before.

Ti Gong

"Peach Blossom Spring"

Ti Gong

"Protecting the Baby"

“Protecting the Baby” tells a story about a mother who lost her son and then spares no effort to protect his surprise child.

Yin Sanniang, a widow who is about to commit suicide after her son died, finds out that a woman, Jin Manyue, living in the nearby village, is pregnant with his child.

Yin brings Jin out of the village to save the baby, along with the help of good-hearted neighbors and county magistrate. After going through troubles and difficulties, Jin finally gives birth to a baby boy. And just when everybody is celebrating, Jin’s lover appears and claims to be the real father.

“Special Homework,” a children’s play, is about education reform. Being the only children’s play in the event, it gives parents a look inside children’s minds, and to spend some quality time together.

“Eight Women Fighters” uses the language of ballet to tell a classic story of revolution, while dance dramas like “Tsing Yi” and “Home” are adapted from famous novels.

The “Peach Blossom Spring” is about famed poet Tao Yuanming and his pursuit of inner peace.

A farce called “Tanqin Apartment” focuses on daily lives of normal people, presenting awkward situations that have happened to every one of us.

Before each performance, actors will spare five minutes to introduce highlights and explain he theme of the story, helping the audiences have a better theater experience.

On August 26, the cast of all 17 shows will visit campuses and meet with students. 

Tickets are available now. Check www.artsbird.com for more information.

Ti Gong

Dance drama "Tsing Yi"

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