Third Shanghai Radio Festival to kick off in September

The 2017 Shanghai Radio Festival will run from September 21 to 24. An array of cultural and academic events will be offered to audiences.

Shanghai people will be offered a series of interactive cultural events as the 2017 Shanghai Radio Festival commences on September 21.

The festival, now in its third year, will run for three days. Organized by Shanghai Media Group, it will honor China's most creative and well-received public-interest radio shows. The winners will be chosen from more than 700 entries from around 400 radio stations around the country. The best productions will be exhibited on the Internet.

For the first time, the festival will launch a nationwide selection of the "charming voices" of radio anchors. A total of 100 original radio shows will be featured.

Industry professionals from home and abroad will hold forums during the event to discuss new values and responsibilities of radio. The celebrated radio news program "Citizens and Society" will also invite audience members to share their opinions in public governance at a forum.

On the evening of September 22, traditional opera radio 94.7 will present a performance of the stunts featured in regional operas. Audiences will be amazed at the theater stunts which will include face-changing, water-sleeve dancing, string puppets and allegro.

The Weekly Radio Concert, a famous local radio program brand, will host a special concert by the Rainbow Chamber Singers on September 24. The chorus will perform diverse styles of songs including those once a hit online.

From September 23 to 24, famous radio anchors will interact with audiences through a music party and public workshops at Global Harbor (3300 Zhongshan Road N.).

Third Shanghai Radio Festival to kick off in September
Ti Gong
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