Theatrical remedy for cancer sufferers to be staged in the city

Survivors of cancer will present "No Fear to Cancer," claimed to be the country's first ”theatrical remedy“ for cancer. The drama hopes to bring confidence and courage to patients.
Ti Gong

Lu Lanzhen will play a lead role in “No Fear to Cancer”

"No Fear to Cancer," a heartwarming and inspirational drama for cancer sufferers, will be staged from October 8 to 20 at the Magnolia Theater.

The drama, a joint effort among Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club, Jiefang Daily and Tking, an online ticketing platform, is an experimental theatrical remedy for cancer. 

Based on a true story, the drama centers around a brave cancer sufferer who brings hope and dreams of life to other patients during the course of his life.

The drama is written and directed by Dai Rong, a theater director from Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. Dai was a cancer patient and recovered five years ago. Many of the crew members are also cancer survivors. 

The drama is claimed to be the country's first theatrical production created by cancer survivors.

“The play shows our respect for life and will bring confidence and courage to more cancer patients and their families,” says Dai.

Yuan Zhengping, director of Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club, believes that theater can serve as an artistic treatment for cancer sufferers. He says they will promote the new form to other cities around China.

Tickets will go on sale from September 18 on Tking's website. All the proceeds will be donated to sponsor cancer survivors to attend the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Performance details

Date: October 8-20

Tel: 400-636-2266, 6322-1208

Tickets: 50-120 yuan

Venue: Magnolia Theater

Address: 308 Chongqing Rd S.

Ti Gong

The crew members discuss the drama’s script.

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