Biopic about acclaimed judge premieres in Shanghai

The film, which depicts the life and career of esteemed judge Zou Bihua, is a tribute to the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress.
Ti Gong

The poster for the biopic "Zou Bihua"

“Zou Bihua,” a biographic film about the late esteemed judge, had its Shanghai premiere Saturday at the Shanghai Film Art Center.

The film, a production of the Shanghai Film Group Corp, is a tribute to the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress.’s Court, was widely praised for his devotion to judicial reform and impartiality. In 2014, the 47-year-old judge died from a heart attack.

Starring Tong Ruixin and Liu Xiaofeng and made by local filmmaker Shi Fenghe, the film depicts the life and career of Zou as “a national role-model judge.”

Actor Tong said he’s deeply impressed with the spirit and charm of Zou. In Tong’s eyes, the judge achieved a lot, despite his short life.

It took veterans from the Shanghai Film Group Corp 16 months to produce the movie. To present an faithful and in-depth portrayal of the judge, director Shi and actor Tong spent a lot of time reviewing materials about Zou and talking with his colleagues, family and friends.

Last month the film's premiere at the Beijing's Great Hall of the People was a huge success, receiving acclaims from both the audience and critics.

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