A look into the vibrant world of glass

This exhibition of contemporary glass art features the works of 10 acclaimed artists from around the world.
A look into the vibrant world of glass
Ti Gong

The “iglass 2017 International Contemporary Glass Exhibition,” a rare joint glass show, is underway at the Levant Art Gallery through the end of February.

The exhibition features the glass works of 10 artists from the United States, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Australia.

Established in 2010, the first iglass exhibition was curated by Bert van Loo (1946-2016), a world-renowned Dutch glass artist.

This exhibition is both a tribute to Loo and a celebration of the vibrant glass art scene, with perspectives from varied geographies, generations and styles.

American Amber Cowan has reworked discarded factory-made pressed glassware, making lamps to endow the unwanted with a radiant and glorious life. 

For Jiyong Lee, being born and raised in South Korea and educated in the United States gives him two entirely different cultural perspectives.

His “The Segmentation” series is inspired by his fascination for the science of cells, their division and growth. He works with glass that has transparency and translucency — perfect metaphors for what is known and unknown about life science.

Using skills such as cutting, lamination, carving and surface refining, Lee has transformed glass into a simplified cubic art form.

The highlight of the exhibition is the work of German artist Wilfried Grootens, which is inspired by plants and the colorful undersea world. 

Grootens layers pigments on ultra-clear float glass to present highly fluid and bright-colored lines.

Exhibition details

Date: October 31-February 28, 10am-6pm

Venue: Levant Art Gallery

Address: 107 Huqiu Rd

A look into the vibrant world of glass
Ti Gong
A look into the vibrant world of glass
Ti Gong
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