It's a bug's life for award-winning author

A book without any writing has claimed the silver medal at this year's Best Book Design.
Ti Gong

The Bug Ferry

A book without any writing has claimed the silver medal at this year’s Best Book Design.
“Bug’s Book,” created by Zhu Yingchun, scooped the honor at the competition organized by Stiftung Buchkunst in Leipzig.

The work has no writing inside, but instead is full of Zhu’s observations on various traces and trails left by different bugs, such as ants, snails, earthworms and flies.

Building on the back of his success, Zhu is now behind a Bund Art Project to make his audience more aware of the role bugs play in nature. And part of that involves a “Bug Ferry,” which will float down the Huangpu River.

In the next three months, the “Bug Ferry” will shuttle between Yangjiadu and Fuxing Road E. terminal at 10am every day. 

The outside of the ferry is decorated with Zhu’s iconic bug traces. Passengers can scan a QR code beside an image of each bug to hear what sounds they make. Bug enthusiasts can also hear all kinds of insect noises while traveling on the ferry.

“Frankly speaking, there are no real meanings behind these bugs’ traces, but every reader of the book or visitor to the ferry can use their own imagination to dig out the meaning behind,” said Zhu. 

“Human beings should never forget that there are also other creatures, bugs and plants that co-exist on the planet. Some of us might not like bugs or are scared of them, so I wanted to show bugs from in another angle.”

Zhu hopes that nature, animal and bug lovers will join him onboard the Bug Ferry and experience the charm of the nature.

“When the wind blows and the bugs start to sing, I am sure it will cure the exhausted hearts of the urban people,” Zhu noted.

Ti Gong

Zhu Yingchun onboard the Bug Ferry

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