Decades of changes seen through art

With age comes wisdom and insight. Six artists, who have seen the ups and downs of China, are holding an exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
Decades of changes seen through art
Ti Gong

Works of participating artists (clockwise from left) Zhang Zishen, Lu Xiangtai, Fang Shicong, Zhao Kangwei, Zhong Shijia and E Guijun

Age is never a problem for those who are young at heart.

Six Shanghai artists, aged 60 and beyond, have joined hands to put up an exhibition of oil paintings at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Nearly 60 works by Zhang Zishen, Lu Xiangtai, Fang Shicong, E Guijun, Zhong Shijia and Zhao Kangwei are presented, featuring the stunning beauty of the outdoors. Most are selected from the artists’ recent works of landscapes and seascapes from both home and abroad.

These artists have experienced tremendous political and economic changes of China over the past decades, including the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), the civil war and the reform and opening-up that led to rapid economic development of the country.

Deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture, they studied Western art in their youth and “survived” the commercial market for contemporary art featuring bold artistic experimentation.

Each has developed his own way of painting through years of practice, research and exploration.

In an era when they have much more free time in a retired life, they paint with more confidence, using sophisticated techniques. And their works portray compassion about everyday life.

Exhibition details

Date: Through November 30, 10am-5pm

Venue: B/F, East Hall, Gate 7, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Address: 1333 Nanjing Rd W.

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