New exhibition captures zeitgeist of calligraphy 

Two Shanghai-based artists, Lin Feng and Askatam, have teamed up to hold a creative calligraphy exhibition "MIX & FIX" with the aim of breaking down the frontiers of the tradition.
Ti Gong

Lin Feng's calligraphy work "Tiger" (2016)

Cang Jie, an official under the legendary Yellow Emperor (2717-2599 BC) is said to have invented the first Chinese characters by studying the animals of the world, the landscape of the earth and the stars in the sky. 

Boasting a profound history, Chinese calligraphy, as an aesthetically pleasing form of writing characters, is truly representative of traditional Chinese culture. There are some general standards of the various styles of calligraphy. However, generations of calligraphers innovated their styles by pursuing both the zeitgeist and self-expression.

Two Shanghai-based artists, Lin Feng and Askatam (whose real name is Tan Jia), have teamed up to hold a creative calligraphy exhibition “MIX & FIX,” with the aim of breaking down the frontiers of the tradition in order to display the true Shanghai style, or haipai, a unique East-meets-West culture first originated in Shanghai in the 20th centuries.

“The Mixing Blood” series by Lin was inspired and created during his visit to the United States. He reconstructed the Chinese characters by combining Chinese strokes and English letters while maintaining the characteristics respectively in order to make the cross-cultural exchange. 

The combination of both the forms of Chinese and English make the works extremely expressive and thought-provoking.

Askatam proposes a concept of New Space Calligraphy after many years of observation and practice in calligraphy, modern art and space design. His works are not confined to content or form. Instead, he focuses on the dialogues and fusion between calligraphy and space, design and culture orientation.

Both artists explore the crossover spirit in their own style and art language. They re-evaluate themselves by absorbing elements from tradition while clashing, mixing and fixing their art styles.

Exhibition details

Date: From December 16-23, 9:30am-5:30pm

Venue: DoBe WE"@Bund 8

Address: 8 Zhongshan Rd E2

Ti Gong

Askatam's calligraphy work "Dream" (2016)

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