Curtain about to rise on a star-studded season of music, drama and comedy

Warren Mok has the honor of opening Shanghai Poly Grand Theater's 2018 season.
Ti Gong

Wei Song (left) and Warren Mok are among China's top tenors.

Tenor Warren Mok has the honor of opening Shanghai Poly Grand Theater’s 2018 season.

Mok, along with Wei Song and Dai Yuqiang, is one of China’s most famous tenors in the classical music field. But the 59-year-old isn’t the only highlight at Poly theater ─ there is a sparkling, star-studded card calendar planned.

Forty-four performances of 37 plays will be presented in the new season, which covers five categories including classical music, original dramas and children’s theater shows.

There will be concerts by the Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra and the GEG Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. On Christmas Eve, Shanghai Poly Grand Theater’s children’s choir will spread the message of peace and love at the Lyric Theater. 

Song Fei, a female erhu (two-stringed bowed musical instrument) player, will bring her solo performance “Bowstring Dream” to town for one night in January.

There are also traditional operas, such as Peking Opera “Qing Tian Dao,” a play based on Ming Dynasty official Hai Rui (1514-87), who is remembered as a model of honesty and integrity in office. Then there is a Chinese modern drama “The First Spike,” which tells the story of Zhan Tianyou (1861-1919), a pioneering Chinese railroad engineer in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

“Three Sisters Waiting for Godot” by Chinese director Lin Zhaohua combines Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” A series of public lectures and workshop discussions will be held at the theater to help the audience get a better understanding of what Lin is trying to express through the play.

Ti Gong

“Three Sisters Waiting for Godot” combines Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.”

The year 2018 also marks the 180th anniversary of Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin. A reading event, titled “To Pushkin — An evening of Poems and Piano,” will be staged in February featuring famous Chinese artists such as Cao Lei, Da Shichang, Xiao Xiong and Pu Cunxi. Pianist Andrey Pisarev, an honored artist of Russia, will play the piano to support the performance.

There will also be comedy, fun and frolics from the local stand-up comics. And on the 5th lunar day of the Chinese New Year, a traditional day to welcome the God of Fortune, Shu Yue, host of a popular TV talk show in Shanghai dialect, will bring a live comedy show to the Lyric Theater.

Traditional programs such as the Russian classical ballet “Swan Lake” and the Yueju Opera “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” are also planned.

The Poly Grand Theater announced that they are planning to establish a children’s dance troupe in the new year. 

For more information of the 2018 season programs, check or call 5951-3300.

Ti Gong

Shu Yue, a popular Shanghai farce performer

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