Art unites autistic kids and painters

A new exhibition teams autistic children with some of Shanghai's top artists to create unique collaborative works and raise funds for charity.

With bold, bright colors and stunning imagination, the “Amazing Friends” exhibition teams autistic children with top Shanghai artists.

The 22 works on show at O Art Center in M50 art hub are a uniquely collaborative effort. The artists add their strokes to the children’s paintings.

In the work “Baboon,” one child drew a few simple lines and artist Wu Wei added colors and details, turning the sketch into a portrait of a baboon.

Yuan Qiuping re-colored a kid’s black-and-white painting with different shades of blue and more strokes to present the work “Deep Ocean.”

One of the highlights is the charity auction to be held by Changjiang International Auction Co Ltd tomorrow afternoon.

The money raised will be donated to families of autistic children to help them integrate into society.

“The exhibition is a window for the public to get a glimpse of autistic children’s shuttered inner world through their innocent, imaginative paintings, and also an opportunity for us to give them love and care,” says Yu Shengming, the auction house’s board chairman.

Exhibition details

Date: Through December 19, 10am-6pm (exhibition); December 16, 2pm (auction)

Tel: 6203-6259

Venue: O Art Center, M50

Address: Rm 210, Bldg 3, 50 Moganshan Rd

Art unites autistic kids and painters
Ti Gong


Art unites autistic kids and painters
Ti Gong

“Deep Ocean”

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