Stars to read old revolutionary letters in new TV show

The cultural show, first of its kind, invites showbiz stars to read touching letters penned by Party members decades ago. 
Ti Gong

The poster for the show, "Letters, China."

Famous CCTV anchor Zhu Jun is producing a new letter-reading show called "Words of Life," which will make its debut in early 2018.

The show is the first of its kind to invite showbiz stars to read letters penned by members of the Communist Party of China decades ago. 

More than 60 stars including actors Xu Zheng, Guo Tao, Tang Guoqiang, Liu Tao and Hou Yong will read the letters, which also unveil unknown stories about the faith, efforts and devotion of the authors.

According to Zhu, all the letters were selected from over 2,000 candidates. Among them were letters from revolutionary forerunners including Yang Kaihui, wife of Chairman Mao Zedong.

Ti Gong

A scene in the show

Ti Gong

Famous TV host Zhu Jun is the show's producer and director.

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