French artist explores what is behind the mask

"Fake i Real Me" is a selection of photographic series by French artist and photographer Corinne Mariaud, working to answer life's long question: Who am I? 
Ti Gong

Corinne Mariaud's "Trophy-V1"

“Fake i Real Me” is a photographic series by French artist and photographer Corinne Mariaud, who explores the importance of physical beauty and what is hidden behind the mask. The works on display not only express the character of the photographed models but also communicate with the artist’s own vision.

The portrait series, created by Mariaud in Singapore and Seoul, is a highlight. Young women, captured in the photos, symbolize a generation consumed by the desire to possess a “perfect” body. Through the use of makeup and plastic surgery, viewers get to see faces or bodies as a sculptural object or a piece of art.

The “Disorder” series features individuals alone or eccentric in a commonplace setting, where they do not behave “appropriately.” Instead, in some of the situations, the individuals seem “dead.” Their bodies remain isolated in the surrounding environment, like an empty shell that has been beached for days.

Similarly, in the “Trophées” series, Mariaud again raises the topic on the loss of the “I” in our modern society. The artist portrays the ideal woman as a frozen figure trapped in her appearance ─ the victim of the stereotypes attached to femininity.

The works on display represent the artist’s exploration of human identities and their roles in society ─ a reflection of an ideal and its distorted representation.

Exhibition details

Date: Through May 20  (closed on Mondays), 10am-7pm
Venue: Art+ Shanghai Gallery
Address: 191 Nansuzhou Rd

Ti Gong

Corinne Mariuad's "au Musee-14"

Ti Gong

Corinne Mariaud's "Fake i Real Me ─ Yuki"

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