Festival reaches out to Inner Mongolia

The 20th Shanghai International Arts Festival is staging performances outside the Yangtze River Delta region for the first time.
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Ti Gong

Renowned conductor Tang Muhai 

Artists from Shanghai and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will stage a number of performances in Inner Mongolia from August 15 as part of the 20th Shanghai International Arts Festival's Parallel Sessions.

It is the first time the festival has set sessions outside the Yangtze River Delta region, hoping to improve exchange and collaboration among artists and programs to benefit residents of both regions.

Baritone Liao Changyong from Shanghai will present a recital with “a voice of the prairie” on August 15, together with the Symphony Orchestra of the Inner Mongolian Bureau of National Arts Troupes, conducted by renowned conductor Tang Muhai.

According to Liao, half of the program will be folk songs about the prairie, such as “Father’s Meadow, Mother’s River” and “The Prairie’s Night is Beautiful,” while the other half are works of modern composers on the theme of “homesickness,” such as “My Motherland and I.”

“I hope that the recital will serve as a dialogue between Shanghai and Inner Mongolia, or in other words, a dialogue between urban culture and prairie culture,” said Liao. “The selected works of both categories are to express people’s love for their hometown and nation.”

Tang once worked with the Inner Mongolian orchestra on Gong Tianpeng’s symphony chorus “Revival.” 

Liao’s interpretation of the folk songs, said Tang, is passionate yet at the same time exquisite.

“It will be a prairie with a bit Shanghai flavor,” Tang said.

The recital will be followed by Shanghai Dance Theater’s “Crested Iblis” and a quintet from Byelorussia till August 25.

On August 16-17, artists from Shanghai and Inner Mongolia will visit a pastoral area of Xilingol League Sonid Right Banner and perform for residents there.

Ti Gong
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