Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'

Visitors will be astounded at Redic's "Shanghai Chapters" exhibition at the Cha House on Weihai Road. 

Visitors will be astounded at Redic’s “Shanghai Chapters” exhibition at the Cha House on Weihai Road.

The American painter-musician-poet-and-fashion designer’s exhibit is an amazing splash of ideas — all interlaced and knotted together into a wonderful tangled mass.

The Chicagoan artist showcases eight of his series: “Shanghai Thrones,” “Bamboo,” “Human Experience,” “Blue Windows & Glass Canvas,” “Determined to Bloom” (also known as “Rose That Grew Through the Concrete”), “Doors of Shanghai,” “Dreamcatcher” and a photographic derivative series.

The multidisciplinary display explores notions of love, heartbreak, friendship, failure and triumph — all deeply related to Redic’s experiences with Shanghai as a backdrop. There’s a strong sense of haipai, which relates to the city’s unique culture of “East Meets West.”

Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'
Courtesy of Redic

American artist Redic has been in China since falling in love with Shanghai in 2010.

Originally from Chicago, Redic who moved to Shanghai in 2010, reassembles and paints over reclaimed artifacts he finds around the city: old doors, windows, mannequins and chairs, and turns them into sculptures and mixed media assemblages. For him, nothing is a waste. Cracked doors, castaway chairs, smashed mirrors and outdated blue panes... all can be transformed into pieces of art that plays on our nerves.

Taking up three floors of the Cha House, the exhibition brings more than 100 of the artist’s creations, turning the historical house into a colorful and surrealist landscape. The windows are covered by his derivative series and the interiors will be darkened for an acute immersive feel involving UV lights.

“I’ve seen how the Cha House was painstakingly restored in the past years and I feel it as a celebration of art to hold my exhibition here,” said Redic.

“All the materials I used for my work were taken from homes in the lanes of Shanghai that can never be restored. No matter how unwanted, broken or marginalized they once were, they will have their fill of glory today.”

The artworks are accompanied by an equally extensive selection of Redic’s poetry (in both English and Chinese) and music. Visitors are encouraged to bring their smartphones to scan the QR code attached to each of the artworks to interact with the pieces.

Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'
Courtesy of Redic

"Baoshan District: Poetry Door" (detail) of "Doors of Shanghai" series, 2017

Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'
Courtesy of Redic

"Why Not" (detail) of "Dreamcatcher" series

“I believe music is the soundtrack to life and art is a snapshot of life. As an artist, I aspire to give people songs, visual art, poetry and fashion that reflect the human experience,” said Redic.

Art and storytelling talks, discussions, poetry readings and private happenings will be ongoing alongside the exhibition. Redic will also bring aspects of his fashion, with limited-edition hand-painted items available for public purchase.

All pieces are linked and inspired by his poetry and artworks, forming a “Shanghai Chapters” clothing collection.

So enjoy! If you prefer a night tour, remember to wear a touch of white. When all light is turned off, you get to see Redic’s love message for life.

Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'
Courtesy of Redic

"Determined To Bloom: Pedestal Rose" of "Rose That Grew Through the Concrete" series, 2015

Another page turned in Redic's 'Shanghai Chapters'
Xu Qin / SHINE

"Shanghai Thrones" collection (installation view), 2016

Exhibition info

Date: Through December 8, 10am-7pm
Tickets: 88 yuan at the door; 78 yuan online @
Venue: Cha House
Address: 420 Weihai Rd

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