Guyi Garden wrapped in its winter clothes

Li Xinran
The pine trees and bamboo in the Guyi Garden are verdant, but the ginkgo leaves turn yellow from green. In the wind, the golden foliage is a vivid embellishment to the blue sky.
Li Xinran
Guyi Garden wrapped in its winter clothes

Qingqing Garden

In Qingqing Garden, varieties of bamboo, together with pine and cypress trees, fight the wind. They are strong and upright in the cold.

Anchorless Boat

After many years of repair, it is now more delicate and elegant. It’s good to sit in the boat when the wind blows and the waves rise.

Fuyun Pavilion

The Winter Solstice has the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year. It’s time to go home and eat dumplings.

Don’t forget to pray for good weather and peace for the country and its people in the coming year.

Baihe (white crane) Kiosk

A white crane stands on the top of the kiosk. Together with the monument, it interprets the beautiful legend of the white crane flying toward south.

Yuanyang (mandarin duck) Lake

Standing on the bridge and looking at the teahouse, someone is sitting around the stove, drinking tea by the window, looking forward to the spring.

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