West Bund Museum to host Children's Day event

Wang Jie
Accompanied by classical music, a workshop at the museum will take young participants on a journey of discovery, balanced by calmness and peace.
Wang Jie

A special event to celebrate Children’s Day will be held at West Bund Museum from 4pm to 5pm on Monday.

The workshop, entitled “Balance in Sound,” combines fine art, kid-friendly yoga and music aimed at children aged 3 and above.

It will be arranged inside the exhibition “The Shape of Time,” one of two exhibitions on loan from Centre Pompidou in Paris at West Bund Museum. “The Shape of Time” features more than 100 major works from the Pompidou collection. 

According to organizers, the artworks in the space where the workshop will be held mainly discuss the relationship between art and space, and the balance between light and proportion.

Accompanied by classical music, the workshop aims to provide children with a rare artistic journey. Initiated by an interesting adventure story, children will experience self-exploration balanced with calm and peace. 

There will also be a live stream of the event.

Event info

Date: June 1, 4-5pm
Address: 2600 Longteng Ave

West Bund Museum to host Children's Day event
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