Peking Opera star hosts livestreaming show

Xu Wei
Performer Wang Peiyu reached out to an online audience on Tuesday, when she introduced scenes, makeup and costumes from the traditional theater form.
Xu Wei
Shot by Ma Xuefeng. Edited by Ma Xuefeng. Subtitles by Emma and Andy Boreham.

Famous Peking Opera artist Wang Peiyu presented an online show on livestreaming platform Bilibili on Tuesday. 

The show, which provides an insight into the distinctive charms of Peking Opera, is part of the ongoing Quality Life Week in Shanghai. 

Wang, known for her deep and mellow voice in laosheng (old male) roles, introduced scenes, makeup, props and costumes from the theater to online viewers. She also performed several excerpts from classic plays.

Wang said that the city of Shanghai has inspired many theater masters with its culture and lifestyle. 

“I am still a student in this field who has a lot of dreams,” said Wang.

In recent years, Wang has made a number of attempts to cultivate young enthusiasts of Peking Opera. 

In March, she staged a Peking Opera talk show “Meet You On the Stage.” A second is under production and expected to gather more Peking Opera performers to talk about the ancient art form’s development and behind-the-scenes stories.

She considers variety and livestreaming shows a good way to shorten the distance between traditional theater and young viewers.

Peking Opera star hosts livestreaming show
Ti Gong

Wang Peiyu (right) and Wang Weijia (left) from Shanghai Peking Opera Theater teach Bilibili anchors Chen Yiding (second from right) and Xiaozhi some Peking Opera movements.

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