Pingtan show pays tribute to ancient and modern medical heroes

Xu Wei
"The Sage of Traditional Chinese Medicine" chronicles the life of ancient pharmacologist Zhang Zhongjing, while also honoring today's medical workers.
Xu Wei

“The Sage of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” a new stage performance created by Shanghai Pingtan Troupe, will debut at the Shanghai Grand Theater on August 19.

The show combines pingtan (storytelling to music in Suzhou dialect) and drama to chronicle the life and achievements of ancient Chinese pharmacologist and physician Zhang Zhongjing in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220). 

The show also pays tribute to the country’s medical workers fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Gao Bowen, director of the troupe, plays the leading role of Zhang. He said the performance is a new attempt at innovating the traditional art. 

“It's a work about love, sacrifice and dedication,” said Gao. “Our performers will not only depict various characters, but present diverse singing vocals as well.”

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