Art residency to open in ancient town in Chengdu

Wang Jie
The art residency community, the first of its kind in the area, will open in Chengxiang. More events and programs are planned to follow.
Wang Jie

An art residency community, organized under the New Star Art Movement, will be opened in the ancient town of Chengxiang in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, on November 3. The community is the first of its kind in the area.

The town with more than 1,000 years of history, is marked not only with profound cultural heritage but also modern urban development.

According to organizers, the community will nurture a series of art events to form a new artistic lifestyle.

“The New Star Art Movement Center, the Artist Residence Program and the Database of Chinese On-site Art will settle down in the town later,” explained Li Anqi, who is in charge of New Star Art. “Other activities such as the Up-On International Artistic Festival, New Star Art Award for Public Art, plus a series of round-table meetings and seminars will also take place here.”

Li and her team aim to turn the ancient town into a new art icon through exhibitions, academic research, artist residence projects, an art festival and public art education in the future.

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