Artist's 'Studio Mobile' an exhibition highlight

Wang Jie
Shanghai artist Maleonn's fantastical universe is on display at China Art Museum as the 18th Sea Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exhibition opens to the public.
Wang Jie

The 18th Sea Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exhibition has opened at China Art Museum in Shanghai.

Established in 1986, the biennial exhibition organized by the Shanghai Artists’ Association and the museum provides a platform for young and middle-aged local artists. 

It is recognized not only for its exposure of promising aged artists, but also for nurturing academic research in new art trends and styles.

Chiefly curated by Li Xu, the exhibition features 19 local artists who include Maleonn, Qi Ran and Zhu Yong. The artworks vary from canvases, sculptures and photographs to videos and installations.

A highlight of the exhibition is Maleonn’s “Studio Mobile.” The artist traveled around China for nearly a year with his team in a truck converted into a photography studio with retro equipment. 

Creating a fantastical universe, colorful yet tinged with irony, childhood, kinship and romance are at the center of his pictures. 

Maleonn visited more than 50 cities, taking photographs of 1,600 people. He created as many situations as there were different personalities of the people he encountered. 

One picture might evoke a nostalgic feel, but arranged in a group they form a collective memory of the past with a humorous touch.

Artists Studio Mobile an exhibition highlight
Ti Gong

Some of the works on show at the 18th Sea Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exhibition at China Art Museum

Exhibition info

Date: Through January 5 (closed on Mondays), 10am-6pm
Venue: 17 Exhibition Hall of China Art Museum
Address: 205 Shangnan Rd, Pudong

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