Artists tell stories of old Shanghai through paper-cutting

Liu Yining Yan Yu Liu Yulu Zhao Yuzheng
Li Shoubai and his daughter use paper-cutting to introduce life in old Shanghai to the modern world.
Liu Yining Yan Yu Liu Yulu Zhao Yuzheng

To Shanghai artist Li Shoubai, paper-cutting is something like a Western sketch.

Described as “the root of the city," shikumen (stone-gate) residences have been an important element throughout Li’s decades-long artistic career. Despite dramatic changes, his paper-cutting and other Shanghai-style artworks bring back distant memories shared by many locals that serve as reminders of old Shanghai life.

Li Shiyi, Li's daughter, inherited the artistic gene and started a Shanghai-style paper-cutting course enabling more people to learn the skill. She's also created a cross-cultural bridge featuring art exchanges.

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