A Silk Road journey from antiquity to today

Wu Huixin
The annual "Silk Road Week" event will run from June 19 to 24 at the China National Silk Museum, where professionals can share their Silk Road stories and the latest research.
Wu Huixin

The annual Silk Road Week will run from June 19 to 24 at the China National Silk Museum, offering professionals the opportunity to share their Silk Road stories and the latest research.

As the nation's largest silk history research organization, the museum has researched relics excavated along the ancient Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road.

Previous exhibitions centered around the Silk Road drew large crowds. This year, highlighted exhibitions will showcase animals and botanical patterns on historical textiles from places along the ancient route.

On June 18, the museum will launch the Silk Road Online Museum, a digital platform partnering with 40 museums from home and abroad. The digital museum will greatly expand the space for exhibits at the brick-and-mortar museum and build a bridge for sharing collections and hosting online exhibitions.

Meanwhile, the museum has partnered with 22 museums to livestream on Douyin from June 1 to 23, introducing the cultural relics and history along the Silk Road. The livestreaming presentation falls into two sections – "Exploring the Cave Temple" and "Legacy Lights Up the Silk Road."

This year, the event will set up three sub-venues in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Lanzhou, Gansu Province and Fuzhou, Fujian Province, to host offline activities and make more people aware of the ancient route.

Since 2013 when President Xi Jinping proposed the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, known as the Belt and Road Initiative, China and countries along the ancient routes have been involved in cooperative projects.

The initiative aims to revive economic ties and connectivity in Eurasia. Many cities have held cultural activities with Silk Road themes, and Hangzhou is no exception. "Silk Road Week" and the museum have developed into a platform for cultural exchanges among Belt and Road countries.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of UNESCO Silk Road Project last year, a Silk Road Week produced in tandem with the UNESCO World Heritage Center attracted more than 200 cultural organizations from 14 countries and regions, garnering more than 12 million clicks on social media. 

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