Glistening art of Cartier's gem and watch on display

Tan Weiyun
The luxury brand is showcasing more than 400 jewelry and watch creations in a century-old building in Shanghai.
Tan Weiyun

Luxury jeweler and watchmaker Cartier is presenting its new exhibition and collection, named Sixième Sens (Sixth Sense) par Cartier, at the BAIwork art space in a century-old building in Shanghai.

Through a sensorial journey running through next Thursday, the luxury brand is showcasing more than 400 jewelry and watch creations, including pieces from the new collection.

Illustrating the soulfulness of high jewelry, the collection explores the rapport between exquisite design and powerful emotion.

The exhibition unfolds in three chapters – Profusion, Instinct and Off Frame – together with the Cartier Tradition collection and the Haute Horlogerie exhibition.

A High Jewelry Workshop Demonstration will unveil rich creations and moments, from hand-painted works to gem selection, cutting, polishing and setting, as well as the art of beading displayed for the first time.

Also, an immersive gem experience leverages VR for a voyage into the world of stones.

Glistening art of Cartier's gem and watch on display
Ti Gong

Cartier presents a high jewelry exhibition at the BAIwork art space.

The Profusion chapter of the show is intended to awaken the senses with vivid hues, striking color combinations and ample designs. The Delectation necklace is a joyful celebration of nature's flora with a large number of gemstones forming the flower buds and thorns, while rich colors fully show the strong vitality of the plant world.

The Nelumbo brooch features Cartier's glyptic art. A lotus is carved out of purple agate, recreating its soft texture and plump petals. Pear-shaped diamonds adorn the petals, bringing to mind a morning dew drop about to fall, echoing another drop-shaped diamond hanging at the bottom.

The Instinct chapter relays the spirit of the animal, especially the brand's signature panther. The Panthere Millard ring is highlighted with a mountain-cut emerald, and round bead-cut emeralds enrich the design with the combination of black-and-green tones in Art Deco style.

The Off Frame chapter features geometrical patterns and circular elements. The Perito necklace is a waterfall. Named after the glacial waterfall in Patagonia, the necklace deploys mosaic stitching with different cuts of white diamonds, pink diamonds, tourmalines and sapphires. Each gem is woven in, reflecting light in an endless, abundant flow.

The exhibition is open for public viewing next Wednesday and Thursday.

Exhibition info

Dates: October 27, 10am-8pm; October 28, 10am-7pm
Venue: BAIwork

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