Multimedia artists in dialogue with the future

Wang Jie
"Cube of Universe" showcases 30 works by 13 interdisciplinary artists, from video and interactive installations to paintings.
Wang Jie
Multimedia artists in dialogue with the future

"Cube of Universe," a multimedia exhibition, is underway at the Lingang Contemporary Art Museum at Dishui Lake in the Pudong New Area.

Curated by Huang Yi and Su Bing, 13 interdisciplinary artists, including Andrew Jones, Ding She and QinLing, "conduct a dialogue towards the universe and the future."

The 30 artworks vary from video to interactive installations and paintings. The participating artists are from various backgrounds, like illustration, animation, game, or Garage Kit designs.

According to the curators, most of them were born in the 1980s and 1990s, and are known to have a great interest in digital and pop art, as well as crossover media subjects.

Unlike traditional artists, they are comfortable using various apps to create or process their artwork.

"What they pursue is some kind of 'violent' visual aesthetic to wrap up viewers," said Su Bing. "Today, new media artists tend to conjure up an immersive and interactive experience. In fact, digital artists are replacing brushstrokes with the mouse, order, and binary system, and the canvas is substituted by the computer screen. These artists are trying to narrate their stories through imagination."

Surely, interaction is one of the draws for the viewers.

Whether Qin Ling's "In Line With the Light" or Zhu Jingyi's "Peony Pavilion," all of them "dive deeply" into their works. By touching, responding and pondering, these installations endeavor to break the boundaries between the viewers and the artwork, as the visitors themselves could also be a part of the work.

"I prefer to call these young artists trendsetters," said Huang Yi. "On the surface, their works appear pop and fashionable, but the core of their work reflects a humanistic spirit."

Multimedia artists in dialogue with the future

Exhibition info:

Date: Through August 28 (closed on Mondays), 10am-5pm

Venue: Lingang Contemporary Art Museum

Address: 2/F, 418 Shuiyun Rd, Pudong New Area

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