Showcasing Tibetan culture and the mysteries of different land

Wang Jie
The exhibition features works created by nearly 32 Tibetans over three generations, with subjects involving religion, the people and the ordinary life.
Wang Jie
Showcasing Tibetan culture and the mysteries of different land

"Siddhartha Is Taking A Rest" created by Saduo Guishou in 2022

Tibet, a mysterious land filled with legends and religion and spirituality, always inspires artists to ponder the relationship between man and nature, primitiveness and modernization, philosophy and theology.

"Echoes of Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest): Unfolding Thoughts in Modern and Contemporary Art in Tibet" was recently unveiled at the Han Shan Art Museum in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, just outside Shanghai.

The exhibition, featuring works created by 32 Tibetans over three generations, is the first comprehensive show of its kind ever held in the city.

"Qomolangma" in Tibetan means "mother of the Earth," which, according to Liu Yue Lhamo, one of the curators of the exhibition, "resembles a signal tower on top of the world that tries to radiate its spiritual care and philosophical thinking to the outside world."

The subjects under the brushstrokes of the Tibetan artists are involved with religion, the Tibetan people and the ordinary life scenes.

Showcasing Tibetan culture and the mysteries of different land

"Hunter" created by Sherab Gyaltsen in 1998

Although the exhibition includes different contemporary Tibetan themes, the sincerity and passion towards this "sacred land on Earth" are fused in the works.

"We hope that visitors could get a glimpse of the real cultural scene in Tibet through these subjects reflected by the Tibetan artists," said Lao Bu, director of Han Shan Art Museum

"Actually, contemporary Tibetan art is not an extension of any Western art. It has its own art language system and value, filled with openness and flexibility."

The exhibition also offers the arts of Tibet to the public via pictures, such as a historical photo capturing the artists who participated at the first exhibition of "Sweet Tea House Style" in 1985.

Exhibition info:

Date: Through October 8 (closed on Mondays), 10am-6pm

Venue: Han Shan Art Museum

Address: 999 Taihu Ave, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

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