Answering green-related questions through art

Wang Jie
Themed "X PARK," the 6th edition of Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival is open free to public through October 16 in Xintiandi.
Wang Jie
Answering green-related questions through art

"Cubic Scape" by Maxwell Sun

Let's find "X PARK" at Xintiandi!

Ask for a leaflet at the concierge in Xintiandi and embark on a journey to find the 20 installations created by a group of young designers and architects.

Themed "X PARK," the 6th edition of Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival is open free to public through October 16 in Xintiandi.

Curated by Hou Zhengguang, Zhao Xinzhuo, Leos Sun and Simone Chen, X PARK tries to answer a series of questions to the public: Is there a way to bring elements into a city minimizing resource consumption? Can the micro green spaces make the whole block more habitable, intriguing and lively?

It is interesting to see the inspiration and creativity of the young designers and architects interpreting the same theme, or to be more exact, the project is like a small competition that can only be ranked by visitors.

Some works emphasize concepts, some new materials and others technology.

Answering green-related questions through art

"X Tree" by Mao Ying and Yang Tou

One of the highlights is "X Tree" created by architect Mao Ying and floral plant artist Yang Tou.

Standing distinctively in front of a restaurant, the installation is made up of wood and wheat straw. These two simple and natural materials are perfectly combined. The wooden double helix is stacked and twisted, reminiscent of an "explosive tree crown." According to Mao and Yang, "X Tree" metaphorically constructs a series of processes from sowing, rooting, germinating, climbing flowers to fruiting and forms an organic system.

As an architect who has been a resident of Xintiandi for 12 years with an obsession for shikumen (stone-gate) houses, Hong Dongtao creates a "time tunnel" with metal plates, bricks, old house number plates plus a series of historical shikumen pictures in "Shanghai Memory." The installation reflects his passion and nostalgia toward bygone days.

Visitors will also encounter "MENA" when shopping in the Xintiandi mall. The interactive digital work conjures up a dazzling scene of dancing butterflies, leaving the silhouette of those passing by simultaneously on the screen. The work tries to present another "Metaverse Nature" to urban people who shy away from reality.

In the eyes of Maxwell Sun, "Cubic Scape" is akin to a large "urban miniascape." The design concept is based on common objects in Xintiandi, including sunshade, temporary flowerpots and festival materials. Sun then creates a group of shelters under the green plants where one can sit, lay down or even take a nap.

If one wants to walk through all the installations, it is strongly advised to bring the leaflet and "search them" out. Some installations might appear quite different during the day than they do in the evening, especially for those using specific lighting effects.

If you go:

Date: Through October 16

Venue: Xintiandi

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