Fun activities in district for adults and kids

Hu Min
Qingpu now offers various activities, so you can enjoy yourselves without leaving Shanghai.
Hu Min

Wondering where to go in spare time under the situation of COVID-19? As the novel coronavirus isn't stable, while some companies recommend employees to cut cross-provincial travels, Qingpu may be your good choice to release your burden. It now offers various activities, so you can enjoy yourselves without leaving Shanghai.

A winding road leads to the gate of Lao Gu Cang, the Old Barn, a farm which has become a popular tourist destination in Jinze Ancient Town.

The farm is a combination of various facilities. In the meeting room, collections of old items are featured, and even the furniture is antique. The arrangement of these old items and furniture reflects inspiration and innovation.

There are many minsu, Chinese version of B&B, at the farm. They have views of the enchanting countryside.

It is difficult to imagine that such a farm, with its artistic design, was once a set of dilapidated buildings.

There is also a rice paddy field amounting to 160 mu (10.7 hectares) at the farm.

In fact, Lao Gu Cang is a rice brand which was established by a designer.

Rice was planted in Shanghai during the period of Songze Culture about 6,000 years ago, according to annals of Qingpu.

Fun activities in district for adults and kids

A bird's-eye view of the tranquil Old Barn

Rural vitalization

The idea of a modern rice farm originated from when a designer saw the farmland and egrets dwelling there.

The farmland has become an important part of Qingpu District's new rural village construction, with the development of rural vitalization.

The Old Barn has been serving as a farm platform, bridging countryside and urban areas, with rice as its main agricultural produce.

Many people are enchanted by the tranquil and cozy place. It is an ideal option for a visit by families.

It seems that the farm is a private, small manor, and the accommodation experience is totally different from other minsu. Its supreme environment enables camping, picking, fishing and boating experiences, allowing people to embrace nature.

There is no amusement facility, instead, education tours and summer camps are organized. Seasonal vegetables planted at the farm are served at dinner.

In spring, spiral shells are served. Dumpling with shepherd's purse and bamboo shoot fillings is another seasonal delicacy.

The Old Barn is attracting a large number of tourists, and residents from downtown areas are attracted by its rural landscape.

It is a miniaturized landscape of Qingpu's new rural village construction.

Linjia Village, located at the southeast corner of Zhujiajiao Town, is a unique place.

It is home to many painters, sculptors and cross talk players.

Sculptor Yang Dongbai was the first artist to move there. He was enchanted by the natural landscape and primitive village patterns, which also inspires his creations.

The works displayed in his studio reflect the artistic conception of traditional mountain and water landscapes, which echo the natural field scenery outside.

He has even hosted classes at the village, leading his students to learn and create at the village.

"The rural life has inspired a large number of works, and I have 'harvested' art in recent years," said Yang. "I expect more people will get to know the village and more artists will come here. I look for better development of the village."

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