Programs launched to attract domestic and overseas talent

Zhu Yuting
Qingpu District is making itself a better place for talented personnel from home and overseas.
Zhu Yuting

Qingpu District is making itself a better place for talented personnel from home and overseas. In its new Five-Year (2021-25) Plan, the district showed its desire to attract talent and outlined its measures for bringing in hundreds of new people.

Based on the key industries, especially advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence, Qingpu issued a "recruitment order" for bringing in talented people to lead the trend of international technological development and increase global appeal. The district sees to develop breakthrough core technologies and high-tech industries.

In the next five years, Qingpu plans to build homes for about 400 high-talent individuals from all over the world.

The plan proposes to implement six major talent development projects, introduce four types of key support policies, build four major innovation and entrepreneurship platforms and create a four-dimensional talent development environment.

In order to attract and gather more high-level global talent, the district has released the "Qingfeng" top talent policy and implemented personalized and customized talent introduction programs.

In addition to providing support for people to settle in the area, the district is also equipped with laboratories and offering "priority policy" support, such as the configuration of world-class instruments and equipment, granting funding for scientific research projects and giving priority to ensure adequate and convenient development sites.

The GW Shanghai company's founder, Ding Jianwu, realized that Qingpu District would surely become an important window and hub for gathering and deploying global high-end factory resources as it is near Hongqiao International Open Hub and the integrated region of the Yangtze River Delta.

Although the company has only been established for six years and the average age of its employees is under 30, it is now the first domestic high-tech enterprise to realize the industrialization of 976-nanometer pump technology, filling a gap in the domestic technology landscape.

Thanks to Qingpu's talent attraction projects, the company can vigorously cultivate talent and rely on a series of talent incentive policies in recent years to benefit the company's growth.

The company will break foreign technology and trade monopolies through continuous innovation and entrepreneurship so that the core fiber laser technology is in our own hands and to increase the popularization of lasers is increased, said Ding.

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