Wujing avails rental housing for young talent

Yuan Luhang
Wujing Town of Minhang District is increasing its supply of rental housing.
Yuan Luhang

To retain more talent in Minhang District's Wujing Town, the town is increasing its supply of rental housing. Fifteen rental apartment projects totaling more than 10,000 apartments are under construction in Wujing.

Facing Shanghai's exorbitant housing prices, some young professionals have chosen to move away, making things difficult for local companies' recruiting. The rental houses will provide young people with a good, affordable living environment, located in places with convenient traffic and support facilities.

The latest two to enter the market are Vanke's rental project, with 410 apartments, and Zizhu Rental houses, with 3,200 apartments.

Vanke's is located near the Zizhu Hi-tech Park Station on Metro Line 15 and the future Zilong Road Station on the planned Metro Line 23.

Residents can get to Hongqiao Commercial Zone within 45 minutes by driving and arrive at Xujiahui within one hour. The rental project is close to support facilities such as supermarkets, wet markets, banks and hospitals.

In addition to rental houses, the town has invested heavily in education and healthcare to improve the business environment and attract more investment.

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