New outdoor public seating areas make Jiading a more comfortable district

Qian Tong
Jiading District has begun to set up more leisure chairs at public venues and renovate old, dilapidated ones.
Qian Tong

Old, dilapidated chairs at public places have begun upgrading in Jiading.

At Anting Old Street, the renovation of 25 public chairs has been completed. The new chairs are made of anti-corrosive wood and marble. The locations for setting up the chairs have been adjusted.

"Most of the seats were slate chairs. It was fine for sitting in the summer, but it was too cold in winter," said a resident surnamed Shi. "Now the wooden seats have replaced them, and they are much more comfortable!"

At the Jiangqiao Ecological Corridor in Huazhuang Village, 16 seats have been set up along the Wusong River to make the green area more comfortable as there are many large residential areas and office buildings nearby. In the riverbank space, there are pavilions and landscape forests.

Nine seats have been set up along the walkway in the public green of around 10,000 square meters in Jiangqiao Town.

In Jiading, more than 100 new seats were set up, and 834 old seats were renewed last year. The district plans to add another batch of seats in public spaces over the next three years.

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