Volkswagen builds new research and development center

Qian Tong
With an investment of 300 million yuan, a brand-new, multifunctional R&D building has been put into operation at SAIC Volkswagen, enough for nearly 2,000 professionals.
Qian Tong

A brand-new, multifunctional research and development building has been put into operation at SAIC Volkswagen in Jiading District.

With an investment of 300 million yuan (US$46.15 million), the new building covers 41,900 square kilometers, enough for nearly 2,000 employees.

Several technical departments from early stage research and development to virtual R&D and digital architecture will be stationed in the new building.

On the top floor of the building is the virtual review center where R&D personnel wear 3D glasses to simulate realistic scenes and experience the designed products on a 3D level.

For Deng Yueping, a female employee who has worked for SAIC Volkswagen for more than 20 years, the most profound feeling is the detail on display in the new building.

"The staff's office areas are all beside transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, and each floor is equipped with well-designed functional service areas. There are open discussion areas, a tea bar equipped with refrigerators and microwaves and a private focus space and baby rooms," Deng said.

Each floor of the building has its own color, and the design of the color series makes people feel lively and enriched. The building has become a landmark in Anting Town.

The new building shows the company's emphasis on research, development and the innovation, according to Zhou Wei, executive director of the product development department.

"Last year, there are fifteen products born in the new building, and according to blueprint in 2022 and 2023 there will be 15 and 20 new products entering market from the building," Zhou said.

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