Returning at night – Poetry and distance

Li Xinran
Yangpu policymakers are going the extra mile to give residents the best quality of life possible, especially the elderly and vulnerable groups.
Li Xinran

Milan Kundera once wrote "life is elsewhere," which seems to be particularly applicable in a metropolis. In Yangpu District, it has a different interpretation. A normal path turns into a living fossil of "civilian epic," which makes people see that poetry and distance take place quietly when they live and work on the piece of ground. "People's city by the people and for the people" has a poetic annotation in the Yangpu night.

Returning at night  – Poetry and distance
Ti Gong

NICE 2035 poetry-themed road

The neighborhood park is full of laughter in the evening. Lovely children are still going up and down a frog slide, while older people chat with one another.

The happiness of elderly people has always been a top priority for the Yangpu Party committee and government.

Yangpu continues to improve the elderly's quality of life and elderly care service system through the coordination of home-based care and community institutions.

In line with the requirements of the "15-minute community life circle," Yangpu strives to provide more sufficient, balanced and diversified elderly care services at people's doorsteps.

Programs such as neighborhood canteens, daycare centers, home nursing and cognitive-impairment-friendly communities promote the coordinated development of elderly care undertakings and industry, and establish the evaluation standard of the community comprehensive senior service center.

At the same time, with a focus on vulnerable groups, Yangpu coordinated and improved its social assistance, social welfare, philanthropy, preferential care and resettlement services, extended social assistance coverage and set up a comprehensive assistance network for disadvantaged groups.

Precise assistance is customized for groups with special difficulties and disabled people. Yangpu also improves the work system and safeguard measures for military veterans.

As night falls, lights are turned on at 1028 Siping Road. The patterns of ginkgo and plane tree leaves, as well as lines of poems, are projected onto the ground via golden lights, illuminating people's way home.

Not far away on Daxue Road, there's a lively scene. When the lights are on, artists hum beautiful melodies on the street corner. Shops along the street display superb collections of beautiful items.

People enjoy themselves in restaurants and bistros, eating, drinking and chatting comfortably or just appreciating the bright lights outside the window.

At the flea market on the street, people look at exquisite handmade jewelry, retro, small objects and other bits of fashion. As the capillary of the urban economy, shopping small has brought great potential and power to the economic development of Yangpu.

In One Life One Skewer restaurant, young entrepreneurs are discussing entrepreneurial projects and a better blueprint. Life is like this. First turn life into a dream, then turn the dream into reality.

It was late at night. When entering the Dayin Bookmall, everyone unconsciously slowed down. People reading books either sat on the ground or leaned on a couch to be reclusive. The wonderful day is almost done, but the vivid story of Yangpu building a people's city continues.

In the future, Yangpu will continue to apply the important concept of "a people's city," accelerate the transformation of the beautiful vision that "everyone has the opportunity to shine in life, everyone can participate in governance, everyone can enjoy a quality life, everyone can actually feel the warmth, and everyone can have the identity of belonging."

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