Jiading at forefront of return to normalcy

Li Xinran
More and more enterprises are returning to work amid the issuance of the "white list" of companies to resume production.
Li Xinran

Enterprises from all walks of life in Jiading are resuming work gradually with the publication of the "white list."

Considering the difficulties in finance that enterprises will face, Jiading has issued multiple solutions.

Another focus is supply guarantees, which are also promised to meet the demand of catering for residents.

As of May 1, 183 "white listed" enterprises have resumed production and nearly 36,000 workers have returned to their posts.

In the next stage, more and more workers will return to their posts and the production will gradually step on the right track.

It's hot in kitchen as restaurants resume

Early this month, more than 200 catering businesses in Jiading have resumed online operations, and more than 300 have passed the application. This number will increase significantly with the recent improvement of the pandemic situation.

A Haidilao Hotpot in CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza outlet launched community group purchase through WeChat mini-program last month and has received more than 500 orders so far, according to Li Xiaoqing, head of the restaurant.

"At present, our products are launched on third-party platforms such as Ele.me and Meituan to provide more residents with convenient choices," said Li.

Next, the restaurant will also launch crayfish, cakes and other categories to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Jiading at forefront of return to normalcy

A worker in Haidilao Hotpot in CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza packages food.

A Xibei Youmian Restaurant in the same plaza was also busy. On one side, chefs skillfully cooked dishes – on the other staff were busy packing the dishes.

The restaurant is also equipped with two distributors taking dishes to the designated takeout spot at the gate of the mall, waiting for deliverymen.

"We have resumed business since May 1. At present, we can complete 180 orders a day, covering 5 kilometers around," said restaurant manager Cao Zhilong. "The price of dishes remains the same as previously. We are also enriching our menu, and we will launch roast fish and other dishes next."

According to Cao, the restaurant has set up a special food safety department to supervise the implementation of pandemic prevention measures in outlets.

Jiading at forefront of return to normalcy

A cook in Xibei Youmian Restaurant grills food.

"Our shopping mall has more than 80 catering brand stores. At present, we are making efforts to accelerate the process of resumption," Liu Ke, general manager of CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza, said. "The first two batches of nine restaurants such as Haidilao, McDonald's and Pizza Hut have resumed online business, and the third batch of 12 restaurants are on the waiting list.

"The restaurants in the mall implement closed-loop management to ensure zero contact between employees and deliverymen and strictly implement pandemic prevention measures," Liu added.

Deliverymen ensure needs of customers

At present, all major EMS business outlets in Jiading have resumed operation, with a total of 120 deliverymen on duty.

At the warehouse of EMS Malu outlet, parcels are being disinfected and sorted.

"The parcels were all stranded at the transfer station in March and April, and some of them were returned and exchanged after receivers cancelled their orders," a deliveryman said. "We are disinfecting them one by one and then sorting them."

Six employees of EMS Malu outlet have returned to work. Pandemic prevention and control measures were strictly implemented, so as to ensure all links from front-end reception to end-to-end delivery were safe and disinfected.

"We will disinfect the incoming parcels after unloading them and disinfect postal vehicles, including bicycles, after returning to work every day," Shen Xiaofan, manager of the outlet, said.

Another 12 deliverymen are on the way, according to Shen. The number of workers returning to work will be gradually increased to ensure the needs of customers, Shen said.

Aiding speedy resumption of work

More enterprises are returning to work amid the issuance of the "white list" of companies to resume production.

In the process of resumption, some enterprises have encountered problems so Jiading tax bureau quickly opened the green channel for them and solved the problems one by one.

Jiading-based Stiehl Industry (Shanghai) Co Ltd encountered difficulties in preparing to apply for resumption of work and production procedures.

The registration of Stiehl was halfway when Puxi area went into lockdown on April 1.

The resumption of work is imminent, but the formalities of tax entry and purchase of invoices had not been completed.

"If this procedure cannot be completed, it means that invoices cannot be issued to customers and normal business transactions cannot be carried out," said Wu Min, financial director of Stiehl.

In order to ensure the resumption of work, Jiading taxation bureau decided to open a green channel for Stiehl.

The first tax office of the Jiading tax bureau accepted the business, and the administrative service center completed the relocation and change of registration of the enterprise.

"From contacting the tax office to completing the whole business process, it only took less than half a day to solve the urgent needs of our company," Wu said excitedly.

At present, there are more than 20 bureaus, including the market regulator, tax, transportation, health, ecological environment, and over 300 staff working for businesses such as the establishment and registration of enterprises, coping with applications in real time.

Staff is glad to be back at work

As the situation of pandemic prevention and control is getting better, many enterprises are returning to work and production in an orderly manner.

The employees of more than 180 enterprises in Jiading have begun to return to their posts one after another, with production gradually recovering.

It is quite busy in the production line in a workshop of the sixth factory of Kaiquan Pump Group Co Ltd at Cao'an Highway.

Liu Yun, who is operating a digital machine tool to process the water pump shaft, returned to work on May 1.

"I've been locked at home for so long and bored to death," Liu said. "Now when I go back to work, I feel that I'm much better."

Kaiquan Pump Co, Ltd is a large pump manufacturer integrating the design, production and sales of various pumps, water supply equipment and pump control equipment.

"One third of the 36 returning employees are the managers of the company," said Xu Yang, head of the company's fifth factory.

At present, Kaiquan Pump has more than 600 on-the-job employees. In addition to accelerating the resumption of business operations, enterprises also strictly implement various pandemic prevention and control work.

Xu said that on the basis of closed-loop production, the enterprise has implemented grid division of work, rest, dining and other areas for on-site employees.

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