Head to experience something different as summer is here

Hu Min
Qingpu offers beautiful and lyrical scenery throughout the year, from an ancient town to a village, from gardens to the riverfront. It boasts a carefree lifestyle.
Hu Min

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. The same applies to the summer beauty of Qingpu.

The beauty of Qingpu varies in different people's eyes. It invites people to see, hear, appreciate, savor, experience and even read. Then the charm of Jiangnan (the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) will stay in their hearts forever.

From ancient town to village and from gardens to the riverside, in different seasons, Qingpu offers poetic and picturesque scenery. It has a laid-back lifestyle.

If you adore and miss Jiangnan scenery, you should visit Qingpu and enjoy the tranquility and peace here, just like men of literature did in ancient times.

In Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of a watertown, taste its unique treats and learn about its rich culture.

On June 14, the scenic area of ​​​​​​Zhujiajiao Ancient Town reopened.

Its rivers, residents living next to them and familiar fragrance of zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves), which Zhujiajiao is known for, allow visitors to experience the lasting appeal of a town with a 1,000-year history.

Even though there weren't many people there on the first day it reopened, the flagstone pavement showed how Zhujiajiao used to be.

The delicate fragrance of wood after rain permeated the air. People taking a stroll on Xijing Street could hear the sound of boats rowing.

If Chinese-style architecture is a gorgeous chapter in the history of Chinese civilization, Jiangnan gardens must be the most graceful and plainest part.

Jiangnan gardens are not only a resting place, but reflect Chinese history and culture.

Taking a journey through time, people will learn about ancient scholars' outlooks on life, nature and aesthetic interest through gardens.

Qushui Garden and Kezhi Garden inside Zhujiajiao Ancient Town feature scenes that offer a glimpse into the poetic life of ancient literati.

Qushui Garden features Jiangnan style with a long history, a beautiful landscape and a profound culture.

It is small but exquisite. The triangle-shaped garden is surrounded by moats.

In the summertime, when you take a stroll, you will hear a murmuring stream. Amid the natural shade of trees against the sun, you will experience a tranquil and secluded scene despite the singing of birds and the chirping of cicadas.

The pinky petals of the lotus emit a delicate fragrance.

In his celebrated poem "On the Love of the Lotus," Zhou Dunyi (1017-73) wrote: "Rises from the mud yet remains unstained, bathes by pure currents but shows no coquettishness."

Qushui Garden is exactly the same.

Take a rest at the pavilion, sipping tea, chatting and appreciating lotus, you will have a summer dream fulfilled in the garden.

Head to experience something different as summer is here

Residents take a rest in the Qushui Garden featuring Jiangnan style with a long history, a beautiful landscape and a profound culture.

Qingpu is known as Jiangnan watertown, one of the most iconic areas in Shanghai for its rich water resources.

With its rich culture, Qingpu New City is a good example of how ancient Jiangnan flavor and modern civilization work well together.

Qingpu has a long history and rich cultural deposits. It boasts a colorful intangible cultural heritage as well as a consistent inheritance of "red" culture. It is a place known for giving birth to great men since ancient times.

Jiangnan is a geographic term, but it also embodies the traditional aesthetic demand and cultural sustenance of Chinese people and their expectation for a better life.

The beauty of Qingpu not only lies in the living environment but also in the daily life of its people.

People will feel its unique laid-back lifestyle at prosperous shopping centers, tranquil villages, stylish cafes and old-style teahouses.

Explore Qingpu and live its one-of-a-kind experiences.

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